Take your phone ordering to a new high level. With invo Call Center restaurant software, you can take more order calls with your small customer support team. The call center was designed carefully to serve all the order calls and invo ensures that all operators can learn the software in two working hours.

One number for all branches

Having a unified number for all restaurant branches is the best feature that a restaurant can have. Not only it will be easier for your marketing methods, it will also let all people memorize the phone number to order from any branch.

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Status of Branches

Having different branches might need to memorize the timing for all branches, invo Call Center allows the employees to tell whether the branch is open or closed

Handle Pick Up and Delivery Orders

Now all your operators can take all your branches the pick up (take out) and delivery orders. invo Call Center allows them to choose the order type before taking it.

Take Away
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In case of having a different menu for pick up with different prices, invo Call Center will have no issue of recalling the menus you have. Some restaurants are having different menu at lunchtime and another on dinnertime which is also not a problem for invo Call Center.