Frequently Asked Questions

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All reports can be exported to xls, and .csv file

A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations

Yes, invo supports dine in service where you need to design your floor plan and from there the waiters can reserve tables or cafe rooms.

Yes, invo supports four services ( dine in – delivery – take out and car hop ) and you can set for each service different charge and different price

invo is 90% better:
1- The POS is one-time payment.
2- The payment includes inventory and customer management .
3- invo provides detailed reports for free that you receive daily by email.
4- It is easy to take order from invo, you do not need to waste more time teaching your employees how to use the pos instead of teaching them other tasks.

Yes, invo pos does not need internet to work, you can do all your transactions offline, but if you have an internet you will get more functions like notification by email, and you can connect to the invo cloud to check your reports

Yes, invo supports multiple and many currencies.

Yes, you can export and import data any time you want.

We provide on-site training when invo purchased, and for referring back there are few video tutorials on YouTube channel.

99% cashier learned invo pos in 30 minutes and started taking orders immediately.

We are using secured Microsoft SQL server which is based inside your pos machine, or your own server, the daily backup can be stored to any outside hard drive or in the cloud. No one can access your data without your permission.

You have to buy 1 license for each POS terminal you have.

invo support an unlimited amount of users per system.

you can add unlimited items, but you can only pin 6480 to the screen

Windows 7, 1.5 GHz possessor, 2 GB ram, 20 GB of Free harddrive.
For invo mobile, you can use any 6” phone or tablet with android 5.1
KDS and Menu, you can use any 8” tablet with android 5.1

Yes, you can use invo mobile (can be downloaded from play store) and connect it to the system through offline or online wireless network.

Yes, we provide our own invo menu tablets and invo KDS

invo provides detailed inventory management for less loss.

invo main feature is providing detailed reports categorized by sales, by menu, by employee, by customer and by employee.

Yes, invo can be installed in any hardware

invo can be installed for small retail shops

invo support charging government tax, you can also include custom tax for the restaurant along with the government tax.

It is one time payment of $699 per terminal and you get license for life,
Invo mobile is $150
Invo KDS is $150
Invo Menu is $150

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