invo plus

Online Ordering

The invo plus package allows your customers to place orders online through a website link provided to them, the online ordering helps to minimize the customer calls and transfer them to online ordering. The online ordering reduces the mistakes or misunderstanding over phone calls.

Table Digital menu and ordering system


Invo plus package is plus feature for dine in orders. The customer has the option of scanning barcode to view the menu and send his order whilst sitting at his table. The feature will reduce the use of labor and allows fast ordering which in return decrease the number of mistakes and operating cost from printing menu to the waiters’ salaries.

Management Control Panel


The invo plus package comes with a control panel allows you to manage all operations online. You can edit branches, edit menus and add offers to be implemented. The control panel can be accessed safely with login credentials.

Free sub-domain and menu web hosting

invo + package gives you the ability to create an ordering link to have it sent to your customers. Invo helps your branding to appear more; you can use the link in your google maps website without paying an extra fee for web hosting.
The hosting allows you to have an online ordering platform that includes your menu with images.

API | for custom development

The Application Programming Interface allows you to integrate your ordering platform to your own custom application. The most requested feature is having an API for the businesses in order to have advanced appearance online.