Any business that is serious about its prospects of improvement, our queue systems will make sure you are much closer to where you would expect to be. In the madness of a holiday rush you might need to enhance the restaurant ordering to let your sales increase.

The Holidays Saver

Yes, invo Queue saves the restaurant busy days. With the invo Queue system, your customers will be convenient and chilled waiting for their order. invo Queue allows them to wait for an estimated reasonable time which gives them great impression about the restaurant.

Save guests information

In case you want to save your customers information for the next marketing method, invo Queue can collect the information such as customer name and phone number.

Integration with invo

You do not need anything extra to connect invo Queue with the POS system. invo Queue can be connected easily with one option enabled from the POS which can handle the order sending to the kitchen and customer waiting.

Support stand alone tablet

In case you wanted to have a better presentation for your customers you can set up invo Queue in stand-alone tablets providing the best service for them.