invo offer wireless ordering; an optional component to your invo POS that can be added with ease. It’s a fine tool for adding another layer of customer support, ensuring that people can easily make orders themselves without having to hand-write orders and put them into the system. This allows for faster, more robust ordering


Wireless Ordring

The information sent from android device straight into the system with our range of top quality, professional system, you’ll eliminate errors, and save you time and money. invo Mobile does not need wires or special devices.

No internet needed

Providing wireless in your restaurant is not necessary for using invo Mobile, the application works offline. You do not need to worry about the availability of internet network to take orders from your mobile to the POS system.

Works on any Android Device

invo Mobile operates perfectly on any Android device. No matter what size, brand or capacity of the device as long as its Android OS. The devices prices starts 100 USD (Phone) and reach up to 200 USD (Tablet) you can purchase yourself. Which is not costly for such purposes.

Sent to Kitchen Printer

In case of worrying about the ordering process might take a longer time to reach to your chef. When your waiter takes the order with invo Mobile, the order will be sent directly to the kitchen printer and recorded in the POS system. The cashier does not have to accept and record the order in the system first to send it to the kitchen. So invo Mobile allows the waiters to take the largest amount of orders in less amount of time.