About invo POS Technologies

invo history is written by the greatest mindset

invo pos stands for “invoice point of sale” and was started by a budding entrepreneur by the name Ali Darwish. The first found was started way back in 2008 in Bahrain. Today invo serves nearly 1,500 outlets in 7 countries. Invo started as an IT company that provides POS systems to restaurants. After taking in notice all POS software weaknesses and problems from our customers, we took another step by developing a software satisfies all the restaurant needs. Knowing our competitor’s weak points and target market needs have helped us grow the most reliable application.

Mr. Darwish gathered a skilled team to develop invo software, the team consisted of one developer and a graphic designer. He already knows how to generate reports, count the inventory and the process of taking orders. After brainstorming and planning they all worked together on developing the software. Due to the few amount of the team members it took 12 months to finish developing invo and start selling it and receive feedback from the customers to upgrade it. After three months the team started selling it on a huge amount of customers and offering it to resellers until it became widely known. The revenue of it made the company rise and create a branding image, the Owner started adding more team members to the development team, customer support to help the new customers, design and marketing team. Once the company received funds and became widely known, resellers from the Middle East (Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman) heard about invo and applied for reselling. Afterwhile, invo reached Iraq and resellers registered for reselling invo which gave us big opportunity to expand the business until invo reached to Canada.
Nowadays, invo would not stop developing and risen up. Therefore, we did not stop creating more tools for invo users. Introducing invo call center, mobile, then KDS, after that queue and menu. As our development team gets more experience and expansion we introduced the ultimate assistant for the restaurants’ owners which is invo cloud. The invo team will never stop surprising the customers with their advanced innovations.


The founder

The success of invo is the story of one man’s resilience to stay in the food and beverage sector. The story starts with Ali Darwish who was born in a small country in the Middle East. His teenage years were spent in huge franchise restaurant from a waiter to cashier until supervisor. He became acknowledge of all culinary problems by the age of 27 and took a new step by providing a solution to the main problem that each restaurant face from managing customers, inventory, and employees.

The Developer

Mohammed Alsaro is the main developer of invo POS software; he is Information Technology graduate from University of Bahrain. He worked attentively on invo, programming each script to produce the most valuable software. Mohammed with his perseverance has become a development director. He supervised and developed all invo products untill this moment.

The Leaders

Marketing & Accounts Director

Tahera Al Fardan

Customer Support Supervisor

Ali Nasser

Sales Manager

Zainab Al Halwachi