invo pro vs. invo lite

what is difference between invo pro and invo lite
invo lite icon
invo lite icon
Price FREE USD 499
Multilingual (Arabic & English)
Easy interface
Wallpaper Customization
Change Services names
Upload Employees' Images
Menu Customization
Choose menu group color
Insert menu group name
Order items in menu
Copy menu item modifiers
Add new item from menu
Cash in & out for cashiers
Cashier History
Discount Ticket
Surcharge Ticket
Inclusive and Exclusive tax
Exact Cash Payment
Apply Discount on defined time & date
More than 2 payment Methods (Cash/Card)
Split Ticket
Split Payment
Supported Services
Dine in
Pick up
Drive Thru
Sales report by each service
Sales report by each employee
Sales report per menu item
Sales report per menu category
Sales report for dine in tables
Voided items report
Tax Report
Employee Attendance Report
Inventory Usage report
Driver Report
Payout Report
Short/Over Report
Sales by delivery area Report
Sales report by period
Sales report by terminal
Sales report by type
Sales report table group
Sales report by cashier
Sales report by menu
Sales report by group
Sales report by menu item vs. modifier
Sales report by service vs modifier
Sales report by sub-item
Sales report by employee vs item
Purchase history report
Account balance report
Payment history report
Guest report
Inventory count down movement report
inventory count down list report
Inventory count down value report
inventory item movement report
General inventory report
sales vs usage report
Payment method report
discount report
Surcharge report
Minimum charge report
Charge per hour report
Table usage report
log report
Password Secured for each employee
Restricted Access for each employee
Data Stored locally
Dine in services
Set up floor
Insert table in floor
Different types of tables
Can arrange tables
Reserve table
Charge per table
Minimum charge per table
Surcharge per table
Re-open table ticket
More than one ticket per table
Different Price list
Delivery services
Show Map
Delivery service charge
Assign driver for order
Mark driver arrival for order
Customer order history
Mailing services
Email receipt
Email reports
Auto email closing account
Email orders
Email low in stock inventory
Email on void
Email Menu
Support Recepit Printer
Support Kitchen Printer
Support Queue Printer
Support Barcode Printer
Connect more than one printer
Follow up order

invo lite is made for small/home businesses or small retail to serve them best. It is equipped with lower features to provide optimized service that allows the owners to position their business and help it to grow faster.